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Traveling for Black Wines

Some people take trips for family events, to exotic locales or just to get away and recharge. I travel for those reasons too, but I also travel to taste wine. Wine, you ask? Yes and not just any wine; quality, premium wines made by Black vineyards and vintners. Right there I lost a lot of folks. You’re scratching your head like, there’s a difference? In fact, there is. A vineyard is where you can go and physically see the grapes growing on the vines. Most vineyards have a tasting room to try their delicious wines. A vinter is a person who makes wine. They usually don’t own a vineyard. They can contract with vineyards to create wines.

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Further Adventures in Traveling to Taste Black Wines

In April, I traveled to beautiful, fun and sunny Miami, Florida. Why do you ask? To be part of a first, the first Black Women in Wine celebration. Marcee Jones, owner of Urban Connoisseur organized and hosted the event. In advance of the event, Celebrity Chefs “Hit Squad” a team of five Black male chefs to the stars tasted 40 wines. Out of the 40, they selected six wines to pair with a six-course meal. Each food pairing would compliment the wine being served. A few dishes were even prepared using the wines

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